Four Golds and a Silver for Malcolm

Malcolm Souza-Lewis from North Runcton won four gold medals and a silver at the British Transplant Games 2015.

Malcolm Souza-Lewis 3King’s Lynn Rambler Malcolm also returned from the British Transplant Games 2015 at Newcastle/Gateshead with a salver after winning the award for Outstanding Super Veteran (Male) for the 70-plus age category. Also in the picture is Trevor Minns, a volunteer coach at the athletics area of Lynnsport and he specialises in the throwing events.

Malcolm said: “He helped me a lot in my training for javelin, discus and shot put.”

Malcolm won golds in the javelin, discus, ball throw and high jump, and silver in the shot. In the ball throw and javelin he broke the World Record for his age category. He commented: “If I can repeat that at the World Games in Argentina, that would be absolutely splendid.

“Television presenter Jeremy Kyle played an active part at these Games. He spent quite some time with the young transplantees and he later said that when one of them asked him if he carried a Donor Card he replied rather lamely that he had never thought about it. “At the gala dinner after the end of the sports programme he said that he would get a Donor Card and mention it on his television programme. He also entertained us award winners in the ‘Green Room’ with a glass of champagne.

“We told him that the message was ‘Don’t take your organs to Heaven… Heaven knows we need them down here.”

The 70-year-old, who has had a transplant himself, added: “The percentage of people joining the NHS organ donor register is falling and more people are dying while waiting for a transplant. Even when a Donor Card carrier dies his/her relatives often refuse permission for the organs to be used. All religious leaders have agreed that organ donation is a good and generous thing to do.

“We who have working transplants are the lucky ones and the main purpose of the Games is to raise awareness of how vital it is that people join the NHS Donor Register and help save lives.”

He is off to the World Transplant Games in Argentina on August 21 and hopes to bring back a few medals. The British team usually head the overall medal table.

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