Promoting Walking

Walking regularlCIMG5009y can help you stay healthy and live longer, keep happy, enjoy time with friends and family, learn more about your local area, meet other people, make new friends and look after the environment. And almost everyone can do it, anywhere and at any time, for free.

We work to promote walking for pleasure, health, leisure and transport to everyone, of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, in towns and cities as well as in the countryside. We want Britain to be a place where people choose to go walking, contributing to their health and well being and supporting a more sustainable way of life.

With about two thirds of adults in the UK not doing enough physical activity there is a clear need to provide support for people to become and stay active.


Walking is easy, free and accessible to nearly everyone, no matter what their physical abilities or health. Even better, walking in a group provides not only the physical benefits of walking, but also the opportunity for social contact and the support of others.

Visit Active Norfolk’s ‘Fit Together’ Walks. Local Coordinator: 01553 616251
or  Walking for Health supporting you to get active and stay active.

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