Lucy Dunn 31/03/2017
I did it!!
Thank you for all the support and encouragement through the blisters and the pains.
No more counting steps

Lucy Dunn 19/03/2017
Thank you very much for the encouragement today. We needed it.  keeping us going strong. All for a worthy course.

Lucy Dunn 14/03/2017
Thank you for the support on our walks. Its keeping us going on our fundraising.

Mark Harding 13/03/2017
Another grand 12 miler from Gerald and the weather defied the forecast staying mostly dry till the last half mile.

Lucy Dunn 09/03/2017
Everyone is so sweet, several times we have had people offering us food, coats and help over obstacles. Makes the walks so much warmer  xxxx

Clara Bryett 02/03/2017
Lovely walk today, thank you for making me feel so welcome!! xx

Mark Harding 20/02/2017
A grand walk, great weather and Ray back in his shorts!!

Helen Lilley 30/01/2017
Hello All
Wanted to pass on thanks to all Ramblers who donated a £1 for use of Hudson Fen Carpark for this morning’s ramble.  We collected a total of £20 which I have passed on to the Secretary of the committee.  She was delighted with the donation. I hope to walk next Tuesday so will say thanks then to those concerned.
Kind regards

Charlie Adams 07/01/2017
Hi there. Im Charlie. Me and my friend Lucy joined the walk at castle rising. I very much enjoyed it and would love to come on another walk unfortunately today Lucy couldn’t make it and I don’t drive. My best day is a Saturday (normally) but the next few Saturdays I have family events. I hope to Join you again in a few weeks 🙂

Mark Harding 18/10/2016
Thank’s to Nigel for Sundays walk (Oct 16) from Shouldham Warren to Narborough through Marham village then back to Shouldham on a path I wasn’t aware of through fields and tracks to Shouldham Church a shade short of 13 miles despite a few showers a great walk just a pity only 3 of us took part!

Christa Mayer 13/08/2016
I have booked a holiday with Ramblers Worldwide Holidays and they include a walking club benefit and I would like your club to benefit. Please let me know if that is alright with you as I am not a member . (maybe in the future ?)