West Norfolk Walkaway-4

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Orders by post to:

Norfolk Ramblers
Peter James
21 George Pope Close
Tel: 07905565740

Post and packing (UK) for “Around Norfolk with the Ramblers” is £1.20, all other books 60p per book, but a maximum charge for p&p per order is £1.20. If your order totals more than £15 there is no charge at all for p&p. Cheques payable to ‘Ramblers Association’ please.

or contact us by email: info@kingslynnramblers.org or pdjames.ramb@ntlworld.com

West Norfolk Walkaway 4, Walk 9 Holme Hale and North Pickenham

Apology and Correction 

It has been brought to our attention that some wording in the instructions for this walk may suggest that there is public access to Houghton Springs.  We would like to emphasise this is not the case.  If you hold a copy of our booklet, please amend it (page 19, point 2) by deleting the sentence beginning “Immediately opposite … on the lakes.”, and in the following sentence, delete the words “does not include this diversion but”.  Holders of OS maps (both hard copy and for GPS) may see that a path to Houghton Springs is indicated as a public footpath, but this an error, corrected in later versions.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused by walkers who sought to access Houghton Springs as a result of the wording in our instructions.


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